Rexana Louise Vickrey Mathews

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Rexana Louise Vickrey
Class Year: 1961
Residing In: Corpus Christi, TX USA
Spouse/Partner: Fred Mathews
Occupation: Retired Registered Nurse
Children: Hans, born May 28, 1963 Lyle, born Feb. 11, 1965 Clare, born May 10, 1967 Marcy, born Dec. 09, 1972,died More…Jan.15,1974 Abigail, born Feb 12, 1974
Yes! Attending Reunion

I married at age 18 to Fred Mathews, he is 9 years older than I and had his degree when we married. He taught school in Port Aransas, Tx and we lived there for 4 years, then moved to Corpus Christi where he taught school for one year. By this time we had three children, Hans, Lyle and Clare. Fred then went to work for the Texas Rehab. Comm., where her worked until retiring from there in 1990. When Clare was one year old Fred convinced me to go to college, something I had been told I was not smart enough to do. Fred had complete confidence in me, I applied for the Registered Nursing Program and was accepted. I graduated from Del Mar in 1971, passed the State Boards on the first try and loved Nursing. I worked at Driscoll Hosp. ICU when I first graduated and loved every minute of it, it was exactly what I wanted to do. In 1972 we decided we wanted another child, so our daughter Marcy was born on Dec.9th, 1972. When Marcy was a baby I worked only weekend nights at Spohn Hosp.. I had been told I needed a hysterectomy so when Marcy was 8 months old I went to the doctor only to discover I was pregnant with our fifth child. Back then you didn't know whether you were having a boy or a girl, only that this was a big surprise. I worked in Robstown for the remainder of my pregnancy at the Children and Youth Clinic. On Jan. 15th, 1974, Marcy died unexpectly of meningitis, it was a heart break for all of us including our older children. At my request we buried Marcy on Jan., 16th,1974, my father was very ill and I was worried about him. Well, on Jan. 17th, 1974 my father died, needless to say this was a difficult time in all our lives. Well, on Feb. 12th, 1974 our daughter Abigail was born. I went back to work, again at night and on the weekend, at Driscoll Hospitals Neonatal ICU. I worked there until Abigail was one year old and I stopped breast feeding her. I then went to work on Driscoll's Medical Surgercal Unit, I worked there until 1976, when I finally had that hysterectomy. I had some problems after my surgery, of course, so was not released to work until June,1976. Fred had been wanting me to get a job that was 8 to 5 with weekends off, so I applied for a position at the C.C. Nueces County Health Department. I got the job at the Health Dept. and discovered I loved the job. We held clinics, made home visits, etc., it was my cup of tea! While I was working at the Health Dept. I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosis, that explained why I was in the hospital at least twice yearly since I was 22years of age. I have more doctors than you can count on both hands,but the primary one is my Rheumatologist. Getting out of bed isn't always easy and there are days I get up and go right back to bed. I was on steroids for years and ballooned up like you wouldn't believe. Right now I am on immunosuppression drugs, will catch anything from someone ill around me. Although, my son-in-law,daughter, grandson and granddaughter recently had the Swine Flu and Fred nor I got the disease. I retired from the Health Dept. in 1990, it was one of the most difficult things I have ever done. I was a supervisor and it was not fair to the other Nurses to miss as much work as I did. Enough of my complaints, I have a much richer life than that protrays. Fred, is my hero, he takes care of me and never complains. I have told him through the years that he could leave if he wished but he always says no way, he is in for the long haul. He is the kindest, most generous person you will ever meet. Our children, in-law children, and grandchildren adore him, he is always ready to lend a helping hand. We spend a great deal of time with our children, we like being around them and they like being around Fred and I. Hans and Janell live in Decker Prarie(a little bitty town outside of Tomball), Hans is a Mech. Engineer and a graduate of A&M. Janell, his wife is housewife and takes care of their 2 children Katie and Cassie. Lyle is a Registered Nurse and a graduate of Del Mar, he became an EMT in the Army and decided he wanted to be a Nurse. At present he is the Director of Spohn South ER and the Director of Spohn Shoreline ER, this is temporary and he will be the Director of only one of the ER's. His wife, Carolynn is a Pharmacist, a graduate of the University of Texas, at Spohn Memorial. They also have two children Eric and Belle. Our daughter Clare is the fourth grade Reading and Writing teacher, also the UIL instructor in spelling, math, and writing. Clare's husband, Rick, works for I think it's called BRAC, I'm not sure about it though. I know he has something to do with emergency management, I think in Nueces County. Rick is also a graduate of Texas A&M, they live in Port Aransas, have two children Gus and Olivia. Last but by far not least is Abigail, she has never been married but has a boyfriend. Abigail is a graduate of Texas A&M and will always tell you she is a Aggie. Abigail got the Jaworski Scholarship to Baylor Law School right after finishing A&M, she graduated in 2 years and 2 months by never taking a break. She passed the Bar on her first try and went to work in Dallas. She has had only two jobs there, the first firm she only worked for one year, then was asked to move to the firm where she is now, she made partner in the law firm last year. Boy is she busy, travels everywhere. Our grandchildren we adore, Eric is the oldest at 14(he will be 15 on Dec.4th), Gus is next at 8(he will be 9 on Nov.17th), Katie is 8(she will be 9on Dec.14th), Belle is 8(she will be 9 on March28th), Olivia is 5(she will be 6 on Jan. 4th) and last but certainly not least is Cassie(she will be 3 on Nov. 20th). I love these grandkids with all my heart, hate to see them growing up as fast as they are. Fred and I just celebrated our 47th anniversary, we went to Branson,Mo. via Decker Prarie, and returned via Dallas. We always have Thanksgiving at Hans and Janell's home in Decker Prarie, Christmas is at Clare's M-I-Ls, Easter is here, and Lyle has a crab boil every year that now everyone is invited to, it is held the early part of June, Clare usually has a Halloween Party, so as you see we are a close family. We are going to babysit this weekend while Clare goes to San Antonio to run a half marathon. Fred and I are both excited since we haven't seen the kids since returning from Branson. So hello to everyone, this is what I have been doing with my life and I love it, it has been wonderful. Rexana Vickrey Mathews

School Story:

I have so many fond memories of high school and my friend, Betty Irwin, was in many of them. Betty and I had gone to school since the sixth grade and what a great friend to have. I remember our soph. yr. when Betty had no boobs just like me, during the summer she grew a great deal and of course I didn't. When we went back to school in the fall, Betty was called badongas. Also we had done so much swimming during the summer her hair had turned green, I remember everyone teasing her and she took it in stride. Betty and I remained friends until she died and I still miss her to this day. I remember band, I loved playing flute and piccolo. I loved marching season and concert season, I loved learning new pieces of music. I still have my flute to this day but admit I do not play it often. I remember going on my first dates, had to beg my parents to let me date as I was only 14 yrs. old when I entered high school. I did turn 15 yrs. old four days before Christmas, but it seemed hard to catch up with the people who were 15 yrs. old when school started. I remember the boys being fascinated by my small waist, the thing to do was see if you could get your hands around my waist, some were successful some weren't. I remember the school being out in the middle of no where. Does anyone but me remember driving around the school and chasing rabbits on the weekend. I remember the time we were in Lynne's parents car, we started out chasing rabbits, got stuck in the mud, then the police came, they got stuck in the mud! Finally a wrecker was called and pulled out the police cars(there was more than one) and Lynne's parents car. Lynne's parents were charged for the wrecker pulling the cars out. I remember Harry Beavers telling me jokes, my soph. yr., that I had no clue what they were about and would turn beet red. I remember Tigers Den, does anyone else remember this? I remember going to Snapka's, I always had a Dr. Pepper there. I remember Flapper( I think) always coming up to me singing "Mexsana the medicated powder", finally I ask her one day why she sang that to me, she said "isn't that your name"? Well I'm still fighting that battle, no one can get Rexana right. I remember going on a date with Jerry Whitsett, to play putt putt golf, and opening the front of that funny car he had. Needless to say that was our first and last date. I remember going to school dances, I had no clue how to dance, no one in my family danced. I remember get fried chicken from Snapka's and taking it to the drive-in movies with us. I remember the prejudice that occured because I was dating Adrian Gonzalez, the phone calls I would get from "my friends" telling me Adrian was out with someone else when the entire time he was with me. What people didn't realize was I loved Adrian and his background made no difference. He was a honorable person, worked hard at school and outside of school. He was my first love and Fred is my second, there have been no inbetweens. I remember our Senior Prom at Exposition Hall. Also all the things that go with graduation. I enjoyed high school in many ways, hated typing though. Poor Mrs. Masters she tried so hard to teach me to type and I was such a kultz ( still am). Oh, and I almost forgot, I remember the band trips, every year, to the Mayan Dude Ranch in Bandera. What a blast that was, horseback riding, swimming, walking the trails. You start talking about memories and more emerge from your brain. I could go on and on, but am busy now making memories with my family. Rexana

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Happy birthday, Rexana! These years seem to go so fast....But I am happy we are both still here, right?! May God bless you always and hope to see you at another reunion someday.

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