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Abe G Messarra
Class Year: 1961
Residing In: Bryan, TX USA
Occupation: Enjoy Life to the Fullest
Children: Greta Leanne born April 9
Gayla Suzette Aug 26 1970~Feb 10, 2018
Koby Elliott ~ Grandson April More…8
Jay Elliott ~ Grandson August 14
Charie (Parrot) Jan 1, 1980 ~ Oct 14, 2014 (35 yrs 10 M 14 days)
Yes! Attending Reunion

Hi Y'all . . . . . NOTE to Abe: Is anyone going to actually read this???

BTW - what happened to the hair in the picture?

Nothing exciting, just a Wonderfully Blessed Life!

For you English majors, I know, there are toooo many I's in the following comments . . . .

Well it started about 9 months before I was born, my Mother and Father were having a discussion and I am not sure how it ended, however, here I am. My 4 Brothers and 1 Sister are spaced 2 years apart; (3 Brothers and Sis are still living as of 10/1/2010). I followed along 11 years after my Sister arrived. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, WI, my family moved to Corpus in 1946. I am a Naturalized American citizen so I never became The President! Went to Fannin Elementary, Baker & South Park JR High, then Carroll. '61 was the first class that started as Sophomores at Carroll and graduated as Seniors.

Well after graduating from MCHS, several of us boys attempted to join the service together. I wanted to get into the branch that would get me some computer training (I started working with computers at Groce-Wearden grocery warehouse at nights while going to MCHS). My Brother-in-law, Paul, worked with computers and I guess that is what got me on my computer journey. I was told the Air Force would be better for me to get the computer training I wanted to get in the service. They also mentioned that additional schooling (especially a Bachelors degree) would be very beneficial. I went to Del Mar, and got an associate degree. While I was at Del Mar I became politically active and thought about heading in that direction (getting into politics) however was HIGHLY DISCOURAGED of that direction by Pat). Commuted to Texas A & I for two years while working at P P G industries full time at night running a computer lab. Pat was working at a local law firm as a legal assistant. I graduated from A & I in 1967 (now Texas A & M Kingsville) (BBA - Accounting and Computer Science). Ended up getting married and having children and never got that training in the Air Force.

In the mean time, I met the most Beautiful and Wonderful little Girl while at the 1964 State JR College Student Council convention in Baytown TX. I was representing Del Mar and She was representing Wharton County JR College. I remember seeing Her across the gym that we were meeting in wearing a very pretty dark green pants suit and was determined to meet Her. I did and Proposed to Pat the night we met (She did not accept that night - it took a little convincing) and we married 5 months later in Jones Creek TX (Sept 5, 1964). We were married for 38 perfect years. Two daughters, (Greta & Gayla) two GRANDsons (Koby, 18 & Jay, 14). (Ages as of Oct 2010)

When I graduated, I accepted the position of managing the Computer Science Dept at P P G Industries in Corpus. We moved into our first home, an 8 X 40-foot mobile home located in a trailer park on the Robstown Hwy (Texas 44 I think). Pat was commuting to Texas A & I at that time to continue Her education. One morning the car She was riding in on the way to A & I was in an accident. This caused Her to lose about one-half of Her kneecap, which bothered Her the remainder of Her life. Pat was in a serious cast for what seemed like years. This accident put Her in the history book because this was the first recorded lawsuit having to do with the wearing of seat belts in Texas. The occupants of the car She was riding in were NOT wearing their seat belts. We won the lawsuit but the jury only awarded compensation of $1 because the occupants were not wearing their seat belts! Pat had to drop out of College and never went back to earn Her degree. Greta, our first Daughter, was born in Corpus.

I always wanted to teach and about six months later accepted a teaching position in the new computer science department at BEE County JR College in Beeville, TX. So we moved to Beeville. After a year and a half, the entire computer department quit because of the working conditions. We were not only teaching, we were responsible for operating the computer system for the college and somehow squeezing in our teaching (4-5 classes a day - six days a week).

We moved to Bryan (six trips in a large trailer we built - GOD guided our safety) and I went to work for the Business College at Texas A & M University as a Computer Systems Analyst. Shortly after moving to Bryan, our second Daughter, Gayla, was born. The main reason for moving to Bryan was to get a Masters and Ph.D. in Computer Science from TAMU and begin teaching at the University level. Never did get an advanced degree - did however, get very proficient in the Computer industry.

When I was attempting to find a job in the Bryan/College Station area, I had interviewed with every company in the area that had anything to do with computers. Six months after moving, I was offered and accepted the position of managing the Computer Department at Alenco, a National Window Manufacturing Company in Bryan.

Backing up in time for a moment, my Father was an Entrepreneur, as I was growing up, so I grew up in that environment. I had my own business, a gasoline service station on the West Side of Corpus on Hwy 44 for a while before I started going to Del Mar. I even remember selling gasoline for 19.9 cents a gallon. Remember those days? Not letting any grass grow under my feet, Pat and I bought a Bookbinding company in Bryan that we enjoyed working in. We would repair olde books that were important (had value) to individuals (like Old Bibles & other valued books). (Pat really enjoyed it because of Her Love for reading and books). It was a little too much for us as I worked full time in my job at Alenco and Pat had to 'drag' two small children around. We merged with another company and sold it after a year and a half.

On July 12th 1972, We bought an existing very small business that grew into 5 divisions (Office Equipment, Office Supplies, Home & Office Environmental Systems, a Service department, and a Computer Division - (that manufactured sold & serviced computers and also included a 12-station computer classroom). For about ten years we trained private individuals, business employees, and many University employees to use the application software (i.e. Word Processing, Excel, Accounting programs, and other programs that were requested) for use on their personal computers.

In 1979 we were privileged to open the first computer store in the Bryan / College Station area. We represented Commodore, Zenith, Olivetti and Intertec PC based computers. We even had an Antique Mall for a period of time till we closed our business. Gayla managed the Antique Mall.

Pat I as well as our Daughters worked full time in our business. Pat and I worked side by side in our businesses over 30 years and we got along very well as long as I remembered to say 'YES MAM' (I do not ever remember saying 'NO MAM' he he). Greta had a marketing degree from TAMU and helped with the management and marketing. Gayla did an excellent job taking care of our accounting. Of course, both of our Girls helped with anything that needed to be done and managed the business while Pat and I traveled. (BTW - Our Girls also were able to travel with us on occasion). We had as many as 22 full-time employees (that's 6,734,845 daily headaches) and finally closed it in 1999 when we decided we had enough experience in operating a Retail Business. It was no longer enjoyable dealing with a public that had changed drastically since we started our business in 1972.

We had attempted to sell our business (used two professional companies to market it) however we were told that the business we had grown from almost scratch was too diverse and a buyer(s) could not be found. Had an unsuccessful auction and moved on with our life.

[ran out of room in this section ~ continued under "School Story"]

School Story:

In 1998 we moved our environmental business to our home. The environmental business (started in 1992 and known as A Better Environment) carried us into all but 3 of the 48 contiguous states, and Jamaica. We always did a lot of traveling for business and pleasure. Traveling became our hobby even while we had our retail business.

Both Pat and I were always active in various community activities and organizations. I participated in the Kiwanis organization as well as others. Pat participated in the Business and Professional Women's' organization as well as other community activities. Both of us were actively involved with our local Chamber of Commerce. This enabled us to give back to the community for all of the Blessings we had received over the years. Both of us participated in multiple committees, and other activities in our Church. Pat worked with the Youth taught and Directed the Youth Choirs for many years. I have Ushered and Welcomed Members and Visitors for the last 45 years and continue today (You remember that I was always shy). We had joined the Church we belong to shortly after moving to Bryan.

I mentioned earlier that I was born in Jamaica. Well for 38 years I had PROMISED Pat that I would take Her to Jamaica to see the island and meet my island relatives. They have several successful businesses in Jamaica, which may be where my Father got his entrepreneurial Spirit. Pat and I finally took that trip to Jamaica July 1st 2001. (Took my Girls the next year for their first (not last visit I am told) visit to the island.

July 26, 2001 started with a Wonderful breakfast at a local restaurant with Pat. 3:26 PM that day, my life was forever changed when Pat, on the way back home from a business trip, hydroplaned in a sudden severe thunderstorm on the way home and went to Her Heavenly Home. Pat was killed instantly in a 2-car accident on a road with a killer reputation. The other driver (from Houston) was in a truck and spent about 30 days in the hospital. Both Daughters and GRANDsons were living here at the time so we did not plan a funeral but rather a Celebration of Pat's Life.

I still work from home with my Environmental business and do several other things that I enjoy including Computer Consulting, training others to use their computer, an Internet Business, taking care of my home and of course, let's NOT forget the Honey-Do's for my daughters. I keep a flexible schedule, which includes Family and relaxation. As long as my enjoyment level stays high, I DO NOT see "retirement" in my future.

Our Family has always had Strong Spiritual Beliefs. Each of has a Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ. All of us are still very active in Church and Community activities. Greta the boys and I go to First Baptist in Bryan. Gayla lives, works, and goes to Church in Metaire, LA. Greta is a Financial Advisor (with all the initials behind her name). Gayla works with and consults with building contractors throughout the USA in the reconstruction of buildings for banks and owners so they can put their buildings back into service or sell them.

Both Girls (Ladies) have a strong work ethic, which I am sure they got from their Mother. . . . . They had an Excellent Model and Teacher.

I still live in the Home we moved into on TAX day in 1969. Most likely will stay here. I have had many pets over the years, always dogs, never had any cats. Some of the Heinz variety, as well as Cocker Spaniels, several Pekinese, a Dalmatian, and have enjoyed all of them. Had an interesting litter once, male Pekinese and female Dalmatian - the puppies were very cute. We did not have any challenge finding homes for them - (never figured how the Peke and Dalmatian got together??? ).

Growing up in Corpus, I always wanted a fireplace and a parrot. Well we included a fireplace when we added onto our home to care for our growing family in 1975. In 1980, I finally got my Parrot as a baby. Charlie and I tolerate each other (actually get along very well as long as I spend several minutes each evening as I get ready for bed with the prolonged scratching of His head). Charlie is a Blue-Front Amazon (medium size parrot - about 16 ounces) and will most likely out live me. He eats almost everything that I eat including his special parrot food. Charlie will be 34 on January 1, 2014.

I will continue to serve GOD in my business, family, and personal life in every way I am able to!

Holler back at me when you have a moment.

Till then - keep smiling and Have A Very Blessed day (HAVBD). . . . . . . Abe

What did you always want to do that you haven't done yet?

Traveled to all 50 states
Haven't been to Washington St, Oregon, and Montana.

What is the farthest you have been from home?


Any famous or interesting people you have met?

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Abe and Pat
2000 Y2K Reunion
Dec 31 11 59 PM
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Daughter's Gayla & Greta, GRANDson's Koby & Jay
Left to Right
CHRISTmas 2008
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Jay, Gayla, Greta, Koby
Left to Right
CHRISTmas 2003
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Del Mar 1962
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